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Two Lakes Group is a consulting firm that is focused on bringing innovative solutions to the developing nations of the great continent of Africa.

April 2020


The primary goal for this project was to give Two Lakes Group a presence even in the absence of the founding partners. Until this point, every potential client would come to know the group by meeting a representative in person or through word of mouth. This caused an imbalance making important touch points like the website only secondary.


Mediating between tech leaders and politicians of emerging countries can be a difficult balancing act. This essentially puts the brand in a position where it has to appeal to not only one, but two drastically different audiences. We took this to be the most important factor in creating this complex and complete brand.


Inspired by two of the world's most historical lakes, Tanganyika Lake in Africa and West Lake in China. The brand's vision is to broaden the perspective of its clients by creating an environment where leaders from different disciplines and industries, as well as influential political figures, can work together to bring forth impactful solutions.


Two Lakes Group as a brand is representative of a holistic mindset, one that leads to solutions for multi-variable problems.This mark was created with the name Two Lakes in mind, it is the abstraction of the two historical lakes that inspired the group's name. In addition to that, the waves fit one on top of the other symbolizing two pieces of a puzzle that complete each other. The organic shapes are encased in a square which contrasts them, it also introduces a sense of stability and strength.

“We heard about uniqium™ through a startup which they had previously worked with. They provided a professional and smooth experience.”
Simon Jackson
Director of Marketing

Visual Identity

The brand's color palette was carefully curated to communicate a sense of harmony between modernity and tradition in a subtle yet effective way. This was very important because of the dynamic relationship the Two Lakes Group has with international industry leaders on side, and politicians of African countries which are rich with culture. Similarly, the pattern design that is an extension of the logo itself, has a perfect balance between simplicity and decoration. Along with typography, photography, website design and other elements, we made sure that the brand’s vision is present and consistent on every touchpoint.


Every company has its own way of attracting new clients. For Two Lakes Group, this is mostly done through networking and word of mouth. We saw this as an opportunity to make the visual identity on the brand’s marketing assets as simple as possible, leaving room for interactions with clients to be through conversation rather than indirect communication. This was done through the minimal use of the colors and pattern, as well as the exclusion of any other elements that could be a distraction. The result is a professional look that doesn’t sacrifice brand recognition.

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