About The Project

Baez is a high-end restaurant that specializes in good quality Argentinian meat. Their focus is on providing good services to their clients. This project was done in collaboration with our friends over at Castle Lab.

September 2019


The goal was to make the name Baez the undisputed standard of premium roasted meat, as well as great service among the Parisian restaurants. The brand needed to communicate the welcoming and warm ambiance of a high end restaurant as the main theme, with hints of the rich and festive Argentinian culture.


Baez is an exclusive and luxurious restaurant in the heart of Paris. The owner wanted to both attract tourists and locals that are seeking a high end gourmet experience, and also detract people who are not willing to spend the money for an extraordinary meal. Exclusivity was paramount, making the audience specific.


Good food is not enough to stand out in the hospitality industry. That is why Baez aims to offer more than just meals, it is more than a restaurant. In fact, Baez is a place where people get to experience a beautiful dance between sophistication and heritage. Creating genuine memories to be shared with family and friends.


In order to bring Argentinian culture and French style together, we took inspiration from both worlds and came up with a concept that perfectly balances Sophistication and Heritage.The Guarda Pampa is a symbol inspired by the traditional leather work of Argentinian Gaucho clothing, modified to be more elegant and sophisticated. A logotype was then designed to accompany the mark.

“I had never considered the amount of research, thinking and strategy that goes into branding. This experience showed me true branding.”
Joaquín Baez

Visual Identity

The two aspects of decoration and subtlety extend from the logo onto the entire visual identity of the brand. The aspect of sophistication is represented by the subtle use of colors and graphical elements to fill space without distracting from the main elements. To add contrast and show the historic aspect of the same elements can be used in a decorative manner. This is enabled by a complementary color pallet that can communicate a wide range of emotions, as well as a flexible pattern that can fade in the background or stand out when needed.


When it comes to restaurants, the brand has to extend from a business card to uniforms to the physical space itself. The complete visual identity system that we’ve created for Baez, helped us ensure consistency across all these different mediums.

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