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The Client


Proto.cx is a revolutionary tech startup specialized in the NLP field. They use Artificial Intelligence technology to provide multilingual customer service.


"Abdellah offered patience, deep-research, and most importantly: never told us what we wanted to hear. Our brand is much better for it."



Formerly known as Sinitic, Proto now needed a new and professional brand to make a distinction between their old and new identities. Furthermore, being a fast growing startup, they went through a lot of changes in their first couple of years. This made it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that they want to communicate with their brand.


For this project to be successful, Proto’s brand had to appeal to a very challenging type of audience. Because it was meant to be global ever since its early stages, both the verbal and visual communication of the brand needed to be clear and easily understood cross-culturally. This is what guided our process for creating what Proto is today.


Revolutionary innovation is what sits at the heart of this brand. If the multilingual customer experience sector was to be compared to an everyday-life scenario, most companies would be tourists that only know a few words of the language of the country that they are visiting. Proto on the other hand is the expat that lived there for years.


The name Proto, which means "first", defines the vision of the company as being a pivotal moment that will mark the change of multilingual customer experience.

To showcase this visually in the logo, we took inspiration from Sumerian, the first written language, and the simplicity of 8-bit graphics. Together, these two visual styles represent major turning points of history that we wanted to emulate. So we started with the simplest element we could, a square which we used as building block.

Visual Identity

The color palette is a reflection of Proto’s confidence in being the Best, shown in the minimalism of a monochromatic spectrum that is sharply contrasted by a bright yellow. In addition to that, Black & White photography and styling is both sophisticated yet embraces the past.

This is where the pattern we designed for Proto comes in, emphasizing that relationship between past and future beautifully. It is in a sense a minimalist and abstract visualization of what the first A.I language looks like.


Montserrat Bold


Montserrat Regular

Body Text

Open Sans Regular


The challenge with a tech company is never the digital medium, the high resolution and perfect color accuracy of our modern screens as well as the endless development possibilities makes it easy to communicate the futuristic aspect of a startup.

But in the other hand, It is always difficult to truly translate the essence of a tech company into print. This medium though was very important due to the way Proto does business, which is usually in person or at conferences. Our solution was to help them stand out using high end papers and finishes that are usually used for luxury products, but with a twist. Using Grays instead of Blacks gives a fresh look and lets the bright yellow of the brand shine. Foils are subtle and colorless.

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