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Why Work With Me?

I’ve been a designer for more than 5 years. Throughout my career, I’ve designed logos and visual identity systems for a wide range of clients in the tech space. The brands I’ve built are recognized by 1000s of fans and customers across all five continents... minus one 😅


My Capabilities

I am ready to jump in at any stage of the creative process, to help design, ideate, and solve problems.




Art Direction

Free Brand Evaluation

Not sure if your startup's brand is in good shape? I will personally help you evaluate and assess the health of both your strategy and visual identity—including design, messaging, and UI/UX.

Whether you need a full rebrand or just some advice, I’m always super thrilled to talk to founders.

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Recent Projects

Take a look at my latest. I’ll let the work speak for itself.


Customer Experience AI


Financial Services


Online Education

Clients & Friends

If logos were edible, the ones I design would as delicious as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups yet as healthy as kale. But don't take my word for it.

Curtis Matlock, CEO at Proto

“During our recent rebrand project, Abdellah offered patience, deep-research, and most importantly: never told us what we wanted to hear. Our brand is much better for it. [...] I highly recommend.”

Daisey Stapley-Bunten, Founder of Startups Magazine

“Abdellah's enthusiasm for his work is the first thing that hits you! Quickly followed by a creative and professional approach to his work and projects. I am looking forward to working with him on mutual projects across the year.”

Leo Chazalon, Design Lead at Castle Lab

“Abdellah has been a pillar in the development of a project, repeatedly taking initiatives to help our team improve the brand identity of our client. There is not doubt he is competent in his field of work, but what stands out most is his ability to communicate effectively with diverse parties in a high-pressure work environment. I strongly recommend him!”

Take Your Startup To Unicorn Land

Not Available

Every founder should know at least a thing or two about branding.Get started with these two articles that I wrote on the topic.

What's A Minimum Viable Brand

Pretty much every startup founder out there knows how important it is to build an MVP—as a way of testing— before committing more time and resources to an idea. The reasoning behind this approach is quite simple...

Your Brand Is More Than A Logo

For years, graphic designers and their clients have been trying to solve a problem with the wrong tool. In article we’ll discuss some of the common misconceptions around Logos and the role they play in Branding...