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The Client


MyGuitare is a French online learning platform dedicated to guitarists. With their website and YouTube channel, they help thousands of passionate musicians develop their skills. This project was done in collaboration with my friends at Castle Lab.



The goal was to refresh the look and feel of MyGuitare’s brand after many years of having the same outdated design. They aspire to be the number one choice for guitarists in French-speaking countries and the rest of the world in the future. One of their priorities is keeping a sense of family and community for all.


The French platform targets many different demographics but focuses more on one specific subset of the guitar-playing community—those who started playing when they were young, only to give up the hobby because of school or work. They do their best to keep the lessons as accessible as possible to not easily intimidate their members.


Playing the guitar is to be enjoyed, whether you play by yourself or jam along with your friends. That is the main message MyGuitare wants to get across with their brand. Learn, but remember to have fun along the way because that’s what matters the most. New to the instrument or already experienced, you’re welcomed.


Sometimes the simplest and most obvious idea is the best. Representing MyGuitare online requires a logo that is truly unique, one that will stand out but at the same time feel familiar to a big audience of fans.

By merging the shapes of a guitar pick with that of a computer mouse, we created a totally new symbol that represents the online guitarist community at one glance. This symbol is perfect for social media as well, adding to its versatility.

Visual Identity

The MyGuitare platform is home to many courses and lessons, all of which can help both beginners and advanced players become better at what they love most. And because all these guitarists enjoy different styles of music, we decided to make the visual identity system dynamic and inclusive.

Every genre present on the platform has a dedicated set of colors, fun patterns, and image styles. So to give enough room for each look to be fully expressed without disrupting the visual identity of the brand itself, we decided to limit the color pallet to only Black, White, and different shades of Gray. The exception is Electric Blue, the brand’s primary color.


Montserrat Bold


Montserrat Medium

Body Text

Lato Regular


Because MyGuitare is more focused on the online presence they have, we made sure to make the most out of the dynamic visual identity system, making it flexible and easy to use. But the future of the platform holds more, they dream of bringing their community together IRL with big events too.

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