🏢 Caelum

The Client


Caelum is a financial services consultancy that provides the necessary help and education to develop a strategic plan for its clients.


"The final product was exactly what I was envisioning and I anticipate maintaining a long lasting relationship with uniqium™."



A brand for a new and still unknown company requires a much different approach than that of a rebrand of an existing one. We couldn’t simply build on what was already there, so we had to start from scratch. The brand’s primary function is to connect with an audience, but for this project we needed it to attract them too.


The founder believes that everyone deserves financial independence and a fair shot at a fulfilling retirement. Caelum focuses on helping people with their personal finances, out of passion and not profits. They want to help families and small business owners, and not wealthy investors with big net worths.


In the same way that the moon lights up the sky, helping people get around at night. Caelum is there to offer guidance. The goal is to eliminate the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle that so many honest and hard-working people have to live with throughout their entire lives. And at the same time nurturing a tight-knit community.


The name Caelum is deeply connected with the sky and its role in navigation. During our discovery sessions for this project, it became clear to us that we needed to implement this story element into the logo.

However, the logo had to remain simple, distinctive and appropriate. So we chose to symbolize the night sky using a circle that represents the moon. Encased in a square to give off a feeling of stability.

Visual Identity

In order to appeal to Caelum’s audience the brand needs to look highly sophisticated yet non-intimidating, and at the same time successfully stand out from the competition.

This was achieved by using a combination of a dark primary color that we called “Midnight Green” and light and saturated accent color “Copper Orange”. And as a way of building more recognition around the logo, we reused the moon element and created a pattern of overlapping circles.


Clarendon Regular


Lato Bold Regular

Body Text

Lato Regular


Building a brand from scratch requires a lot of hard work. Promotion, whether through advertising or word of mouth is necessary. And for the best and most effective results, all the marketing assets a brand uses need to be consistent and coherent.

For this project we wanted to simply focus on the basics, specifically the business card. Being the tool that would be used the most during the first months of the brand’s life, we wanted the design to be special and to stand out. There is no better way of doing that than going against conventions, so we created a vertical layout that gives the logo all the space it needs to be remembered.

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