User Testing Your Startup's Brand: Why You Should Do It Now

Developing anything in a vacuum seldom leads to effective results. Be it a product that needs improving or the UX of a landing page that requires optimizing, user testing has always been one of the ideal ways to judge if what your startup is offering...

Goldilocks Zone, Brand Targeting for Startups

Just like the conditions necessary for life on our planet depend on its placement in the solar system—which is neither too close nor too far from the sun. A brand’s style of communication as well as the message that it communicates, have to be perfectly tailored to a specific audience in order to be heard and understood...

The Black Sheep Effect: Startup Brands After M&As

Although most people only experience your brand on a subconscious level, the human mind is very good at recognizing patterns. This becomes especially easy to do when the pattern is interrupted or broken...

Brands Have The Power Of Changing Your Vocabulary

Ping-Pong, Band-Aid, Jet Ski, Bubble Wrap, Popsicle, Q-tips, Rollerblade, Velcro, Dumpster, Frisbee. No, this is neither poetry nor is it a shopping list. But I’m sure that you’re still wondering, who would want to start an article about branding by listing ten random ...

It Took Apple 20 Years To Drop Their Wordmark

Just like any other process in life, whether it is related to business or not, building a strong and memorable brand takes time… a lot of time. Just look at Apple for instance, did you know that it took them 20 years to start using the logomark without it being accompanied with the name?...

Is the world ready for your startup?

If you have done your homework, you have probably heard that most startups fail within five years of their launch. Unfortunately, that is true. Many startups collapse due to the incompetence of the team, lack of funding, but most importantly, because of poor timing...

A Brand Is More Than A Logo

If you’re familiar with branding or design, you know these requests often lead to terrible decisions for both design and strategy. Yet, it only takes a few minutes of browsing designer’s social media profiles to understand just how frequent these types of requests are. Why is it so common?

Brands In A Post-Pandemic World

The Coronavirus pandemic took a serious toll on the economy. Many businesses found themselves under pressure to cut budgets and change their routines. However, now that the lockdown is being lifted, companies all over the world need a strong comeback...

Branding: The Worst Startup Bottleneck

Seeking fast growth is not a bad thing, it’s all about making revolutionary ideas real and believable so they can truly happen, According to Entrepreneur “The key to sustaining growth is to anticipate bottlenecks before you accelerate”...
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