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Our goal at uniqium™ is to provide branding solutions that are specific to the needs of fast growing B2C startups. We have three services that cover the entire spectrum of branding efforts that a startup in their late Seed or early Series A Stage of funding could need. Each of these packages was condensed in a way to achieve consistent results in record time. We have also spent years carefully eliminating any unnecessary factors that could slow down our pace or hinder our work.

Brand-Centric Strategy

  • - Discovery And Consulting Calls
  • - Target Audience Analysis
  • - Messaging & Tone of Voice
  • - Brand Positioning
  • - Look & Feel Guide
As it's name suggests, this is more than what you would expect form a traditional brand strategy. We have built this approach from the ground up, to be and innovative solution for innovative startups.

Our Brand-Centric Strategy Blueprint is a step by step guide that will help you use your brand's Vision as a filter to improve your content marketing, advertising campaigns and customer experience. In addition to that, we will provide you with detailed and easy to understand instructions to help you keep both your verbal and visual communication consistent as you grow your brand. And of course, the entire process is a collaborative effort—facilitated through a series of consulting sessions—between you and our experts.

Full Branding Package

  • - Brand-Centric Strategy
  • - Logo
  • - Visual Identity System
  • - Brand Guidelines Book
  • - Business Card & Letterhead Designs
Most startups actually need more than strategy alone. Being focused on other more important matters such as managing a team or improving a product, leaves startups with no time to ensure that their branding efforts are being executed correctly.

The Full Branding Package includes both strategy and execution. We will deliver a complete visual identity system that includes: A logo, brand colors, typography selection, photography art direction and graphical elements such as patterns and icons. We will even provide business card and letterhead designs to help you get started quickly. All of this will be accompanied with a comprehensive brand guidelines book to help any future designers who will work on the brand.

Chief Brand Officer

  • - Consulting Calls
  • - Brand Assurance
  • - Quarterly Brand Assessments
  • - Five-Year Action Plan
Already having a solid brand strategy and a visual identity system in place, is not the end of the story when it comes to building a strong and memorable brand. Strategies must be executed and design has to be kept consistent in order to build brand recognition over time. 

For the period of 12 months, our Outsourced Chief Brand Officer service includes access to a brand consultant to help with brand-related issues as well as weigh in on decisions that could affect the brand. Also part of the offer is a proactive and ongoing Brand Assurance program that aims to keep your brand consistent, with quarterly sessions to track progress and prevent roadblocks. At the end of the engagement, you will be provided with a five-year plan to make the transition into managing your brand in-house smoother and painless.
+ Pricing // For Add-ons

We Adapt To Your Needs

Every startup is unique and so are their needs. Depending on the size of your startup, you might need additional marketing assets. The list bellow details the pricing for Add-on services that we provide for our clients who have chosen the "Full Branding Package".

  • Brand Naming$1K
  • One-pager $500
  • Social Media Graphics$750
  • Pitch Deck $1K
  • Company Profile $1K
  • Carte Blanche$2.5K
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Our expertise comes from our specialization. The Brand-Centric Strategy Blueprint on which we build our clients' brands, was developed with B2C startups in mind—especially those in their late Seed or early Series A Stage of funding—because they function in a fast-paced environment. Furthermore, our work is not done in a vacuum, it requires a continuous collaboration with our clients. This means that we need direct access to decision makers who are looking for experts to guide them, and not just designers to execute ideas that have already been formed.

  • B2C startup
  • Series A stage of funding
  • Seed stage of funding
  • need speed and precision
  • can afford our services
  • Looking for experts
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Abdellah and Abdessamad are always happy to hear from founders and CEOs who are interested in branding.

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Everything Is Planned

The way we are able to deliver a Full Branding Package in just 28 days is because of years of experience. Variables like inspiration, subjective taste and trends always slow down a project. We learned this the hard way. Today at uniqium™ we leave nothing to chance. We follow a specific system and timeline for all of our projects.

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