Startup Branding

uniqium™ | juˈnikɪəm | (noun) The raw material that memorable brands are made of.

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Startup Branding

uniqium™ | juˈnikɪəm | (noun) The raw material that memorable brands are made of.

featured projects

What We Do

We build strong and memorable brands for fast growing B2C startups around the world. Specifically those in their late Seed or early Series A Stage of funding. Here at uniqium™ we recognize the fast-paced environment that startups have to function in, so with our holistic yet condensed Brand-Centric Strategy, we are able to deliver a full branding package—including both strategy & design—all in under 28 days.

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Abdellah RHOLEM and Abdessamad QARMADA

The Founders

uniqium™ was founded by the award-winning logo designer & brand strategist Abdellah RHOLEM, in partnership with Abdessamad QARMADA, a marketing and sales expert. Together, they were able to join forces and combine the expertise, which they have acquired from their backgrounds in the creative and business fields respectively.

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Why Are We Qualified?

“Abdellah’s enthusiasm for his work is the first thing that hits you! Quickly followed by a creative and professional approach to his work and projects.”
Daisy Stapley-Bunten
Founder of Startups Magazine
“Abdellah offered patience, deep-research, and most importantly: never told us what we wanted to hear. Our brand is much better for it.”
curtis matlock
CEO of
“Abdessamad and his team offered a very informative Masterclass and took time to offer real value to our startups.”
Afia Bobia Amanfo
Business Development Manager at Bridge for Billions
our Approach

Work Process


Extract Core Sample

Through an in-depth discovery session, we dig deep into what makes your startup truly different. We extract that essence and use it to define your brand's vision.

Analyze Raw Material

Most of the time, a startup's first attempt at branding is broad, inconsistent and doesn't speak directly to the desired audience. Analyzing the information you provide us is important, it helps us keep what's important and get rid of the rest.

Plan Best Approach

Even with our systematized Brand-Centric Strategy Blueprint, the needs of every startup are different. So we adapt the scope of the project to your business goals, the nature of your product/service as well as the characteristics of your audience.

Build The Brand

For a brand to come to life, the execution has to be flawless. We like to say that "Strategy without design is faceless, and design without strategy is blind". Here at uniqium™ we make sure to provide you with the perfect balance.

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Here at uniqium™ we do more than offer branding services to startups. Every week, our team of experts puts out a new article full of insights—and practical information—that you can adopt for your startup.

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Goldilocks Zone, Brand Targeting for Startups

Just like the conditions necessary for life on our planet depend on its placement in the solar system—which is neither too close nor too far from the sun. A brand’s style of communication as well as the message that it communicates, have to be perfectly tailored to a specific audience in order to be heard and understood...

The Black Sheep Effect: Startup Brands After M&As

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Turn Your Brand Into A Valuable Asset!

A brand is not a choice. It's people's gut feeling about your startup, which could be negative, unless you have a hand in shaping it. And we can definitely help with that.

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