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uniqium™ | juˈnikɪəm | (noun) The raw material that memorable brands are made of.

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Meet Abdellah,

He is an award-winning branding expert that co-founded uniqium™ with the mission to transform creative services for startups.

Him and his team are your company's best bet at reaching legend status, and acquiring life long fans.


We're Going Through A Big Change

A lot has changed since uniqium™ was founded in 2019. We are tirelessly working to innovate—improving our services as we grow.

This lead us to undertake multiple drastic pivots, one of which is taking place as you read this. But don't worry, we're still in business and going strong!

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Quick & Dirty Nifty!

uniqium™ has built brands that are recognized by thousands of fans across five continents... minus one.

With our holistic yet condensed Brand-Centric Strategy, we are able to deliver our full branding package—including both strategy & design—all in under 28 days.

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We'll just the work speak for itself.




We Know A Thing Or Two

Every week, our team of experts puts out new articles full of insights—and practical information—that you can adopt for your startup.


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Whether you need a full rebrand or just some advice, we're always super thrilled to talk to founders.

Better yet, we're the first branding agency to certify uniqueness! So hit us up to get your free brand evaluation NOW!


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